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MattBots Game Start - Game-Based Learning and Assessment App

Game-Based Learning Application & Assessment App

MattBots is a Game-Based Learning application that stimulates Number Sense - a core branch of Early Childhood Mathematical Thinking - through the immersion of engaging and exciting experiences that keep kids motivated and challenge the targeted competencies.

However, MattBots' goal does not stop at invigorating the player's abilities, but it also aims to measure them rigorously. MattBots is intended to harness the power of the best learning analytics, so that misconceptions and areas of improvement can be identified after mining the data generated by children during game time.

Number Sense is a vast subject, and so you may find the collection of competencies that MattBots targets in the MattBots Competency Model.

We are still developing MattBots - but there is a lot we have achieved so far. Here are a few coloful shots that show how MattBots currently looks like. (click video below)

Colorful comics will take kids through Matt's adventures

The team


José is currently a Computer Science sophomore at Minerva Schools at KGI in San Francisco, California. Previously, he studied Informatics & Systems engineering at Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala City, but transfered to MSKGI during his second year. He is a star wars fan and likes to play soccer and basketball with friends.   GitHub   LinkedIn


Oscar is coursing his undergraduate studies of Informatics & Systems Engineering at Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala City. Right now, if he is not working on Mattbots, he must be playing Fortnite or Fifa18.   GitHub   LinkedIn


Luis is a graphic designer finishing his undergraduate degree at Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala City. During his free time, he enjoys watching series and playing soccer. Pizza is his favorite food and he is a fan of spiderman and Football Club Barcelona.   GitHub   LinkedIn

We are looking for an angel investor

We are a group of ambitious, bold, often reckless, and - why not? - very talented college students. Young and crazy, students. We believe in what we are doing and so we have set sail to pursue our vision - we have prepared for it. However, we do actually need money. We need funds to finish what we started, and for so being we ask for your help. If you would be interested in investing on this venture, reach out to jose@tecuntecs.com. We'll be happy to explain our long term vision, and discuss the details.


You can generally contact us at contact@tecuntecs.com

or reach our team at one of the following email addresses:

José Alvarez

Oscar Lemus

Luis Hernández
Graphic Design